Organic movement GOVIND KADADI

Govind Kabadi, a law graduate by
profession is a humanitarian at heart.
His Simply Organics store is one of the
best shop in Bangalore to buy organic
Hailing from a family of industrial background, Govind Kabadi
had never imagined to own twenty five acres of a farm land or he
had dreamt of opening Bangalore’s one of the best organic
stores- Simply Organics. From his memories, he remembers how
he used to travel miles and miles of distance inside the deep
forest to collect coal, as his family was into coal business. Along
his journey Govind noticed how the forest was amazingly green
and beautiful. He soon realized that the naturally grown fruits and
flowers are much tastier than those which we get in the cities.
This simple realization kick started his farming venture. He
interacted with many farmers and travelled across the states to
learn different agricultural practices.
The venture
During late 90’s, Govind bought a farm land in Doddaballapura
near Bnagalore. He started cultivating an organic farming with
humble Ragi in his fields. Later, he realized how farmers provide
healthy produce to the city and in turn eat poor meal. This made
him to think and he started an idealistic store, Simply Organics in
2006. Govind says,” I really wanted to help the marginal farmers
and common men. I ensure despite the class and creed, people
get healthy and natural products.” He also opines that people of
our country should use more of organic produce rather than
harmful packet products. He adds, “I started the store in a car
garage with just an investment of 2000 rupees.” From this
humble beginning, today he owns a 1000 square feet store in
Rajajinagar that offers its customers a wide range of poison free
“In my farm we do not use any kind of chemical fertilizers for
cultivation, we use vermin compost and bio manure,” he says. If
anybody is interested to visit his farm, he assures a free visit to
his fields. The Simply Organic Store at Rajajinagar has a motto,
‘You Are What You Eat’ and the store addresses this concern by
offering organic products.
The De- Grade initiative
De’ Grade is a venture initiated by Govind. It is a home for all
compost solutions which helps to compost the wet household
waste in a simple and easy manner. Govind also takes demo
classes for those who are interested in Rajajinagar. His de-
composting method accelerates the composting process with a
requirement of minimal efforts and low cost. He says, “De-
composting method will help to add some greenery to his/ her
house by using the compost. Next time if you want to gift
someone give them a bag of homemade compost and motivate
them to grow green.” He further adds,” If you still have excess
of compost, donate it and make your neighbourhood greener.
Schools, parks or nurseries will be happy to take it.”
Family man
His message to aspiring entrepreneurs is simple. Govind says,”
Stick to what you are doing and hard work will earn you what you
want in life.” He says,” I am glad that my wife and daughter
support me for everything that I do. I seldom get time to spent
ample time with the family; the store opens early in the morning
and closes only late evenings, I am happy to say that I have
around 3000 regular customers.” Govind also says that way back
in 90’s, it was difficult to make people understand between right
and wrong practices of farming. He really believes that hard work,
right management skill and intense knowledge about farming were
the catalyst for his success.
Future goals
He dreams big. Along with market extension plans, he also hopes
to start a library that contains books on farming and organic food
for the reference of city dwellers. He continues his journey to add
more organic products to his store.
–Nameeta Renchi

5 reasons you should buy Organic Food

5 reasons you should buy Organic Food

Organic Food

What is organic ?

What is Organic Food ?

Food produced without the use of any chemical fertilizers or harmful pesticides is termed as Organic Food. In Organic farming food is grown with conventional techniques and by using Organic Manure – like cow dung or by using Vermicompost and Vermiculture in farms. Organic farming is a model of farming which supports whole ecosystem.

Why we need Organic Farming now ?

Organic Farm

An Organic farm

With the rise in population & increase in development of science, humans changed the way they did agriculture. In anticipation to produce more from a given piece of land humans started using chemical fertilizers. Now people are getting food products which are laden with chemical pesticides & heavy metals. These heavy metals & pesticides in our food are leading to several ailments like cancers & allergies.

Organic food is becoming very popular these days probably because of its benefits over other conventional food. Here are few reasons you should buy Organic Food

Why you should buy Organic Food ?

 1. Organic foods are better in taste and more nutritious

Various studies have confirmed that organic food produce is rich in nutrients as compared to conventional produce. It has been found that Organic Tomatoes have more vitamin C than conventional tomatoes. Organic produce has higher level of antioxidants. As the farming is done the conventional way the farm land is rich in micro nutrients which in turn enriches the crops. People who consume organic food have confirmed that its is better in taste viz Dal (Pulses) bear the native taste & sweetness and vegetables are more juicy & tasty. They don’t contain artificial flavours or preservatives which make it safe for all. They remain rich in true flavour.

2. Organic foods are good for you & nature

Numerous studies show that pesticides can adversely affect the nervous system, increase the risk of cancer, and decrease fertility. The pesticide in food reaches to even the unborn baby in womb through the placenta. Which means these chemicals are not only harmful to us but also our next generations. We expose our next generation to these chemicals even before their birth. In the same way these pesticides enter in the food chain & remain there for ages. Organic farming prevent contamination & pollution of nature.

3. Organic foods mean less harmful chemicals & toxins in your diet, air & water bodies.

Organic farming supports use of bio-organic manure & pesticides, which means nature is not contaminated or polluted. The chemical pesticides which are sprayed in farms reach our water bodies & then our stomach Organic farming practises include use of cattle excreta as manure & promotes uses of farms produce as a farm input, making farms self-dependent. By consuming organic food you make it sure  that you are not consuming heavy metals & toxic persistent chemicals.

4. Organic Farming is good for soil & wildlife.

By excessive use of synthetic fertilizers we have lost the natural fertility of our land. The increased use of deadly pesticides has led to killing of those micro-organisms which support the crop production. Percentage of natural organic carbon is decreasing day by day & hence affecting our wildlife as well. In the same way these pesticides enter in the food chain & remain there for ages. Organic farming doesn’t support use of antibiotics or injections of artificial growth hormones.

5. Organic Farming supports Biodiversities.

The basics of Organic Farming suggest the cultivation with the support of various supportive micro-organisms & various varieties of flora & fauna. The concept suggest that each member at a farm is a useful member & contributes towards the crop in a way or other. While in industrial or mechanized farming cattle, birds, worms are not considered as a part of farm & eliminated from the cycle.

From where can I buy Organic Food in India ?

Organic Food can bought from an Organic or health food store. You can also buy it online.

In Indore, Organic Food products can be bought from Organic Sansar