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Updated:ತುಲಸೀ ಹಬ್ಬವಿವಾಹ ಉತ್ವಾನ ದ್ವಾದಶಿ – Uthwana Dwadashi/Tulasi Habba – November 14th 2013

Updated:ತುಲಸೀ ಹಬ್ಬವಿವಾಹ ಉತ್ವಾನ ದ್ವಾದಶಿ – Uthwana Dwadashi/Tulasi Habba – November 14th 2013

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Uthwana Dwadashi – Tulasi Habba or Tulasi Pooje is celebrated a fortnight after Deepavali. It signifies the day Tulasi married Lord Vishnu. On this day, Tulasi katte is decorated like a bride. Amla trees are planted along with the tulsi plant.

Pooje to be done in the evening.

What’s Tulasi?

In most madhwa homes, you find a Tulasi plant growing out of a Tulasi katte . Tulasi is considered to be a holy plant and is worshipped every morning in Madhwa families. Tulasi has medicinal value and is often used as a herb in curing the common cold and cough.

So what’s Tulasi Habba?
Tulasi came out of the ocean during Amrita Manthan as a younger sister of Lakshmi. She too was devoted to Lord Vishnu and wanted to marry him. But Lakshmi who was already married to him did not like the idea and cursed her to become a plant. Thus the tulasi plant was born. But the all merciful Lord Vishnu took pity and fulfilling her wish declared that when he will be in the form of a saligrama, found in most temples and madhwa houses, she will remain close to him in the form of a tulasi leaf. Therefore even today a saligrama will have a tulsi leaf along with it. In front of every Hindu home there will be a tulasi katte in which a plant grows round the year.
Although the prayers are offered to Tulasi everyday by watering the plant in the morning and lighting an oil lamp before it in the evening, on Kartik Shukla Dwadashi there will be an annual Tulasi Pooja in the evening when the tulasi katte will be beautifully decorated with clay lamps.

Attached below is a screen shot of the Tulasi Vivaha Slokas and Procedure as printed in the Uttaradi Matta Panchanga. If you click on the image a bigger picture will display which has the words very very clear.



Fivefold Path to eternal bliss!

What is the Fivefold Path

The Eternal Principles of religion (satya dharma) were revealed
at the time of creation. They are summarized in five words:

Yajnya: Purification of pranic content of the atmosphere
through the agency of fire. This leads to purification of the

Daan: Sharing of assets in a spirit of humility to reduce

Tapa: Self discipline, austerities, penance of body, mind
and speech for fruition of thy affirmations.

Karma: Good action, virtuous deeds for self-purification.

Swadhyaya: Study of Self. Who am I? For liberation.

This is the Fivefold Path. The same message was reiterated by
all messengers of God in words suited to the conditions in
which they manifested.
Start the spiritual discipline today. The span of life will not be
extended. What is given unto you is to utilize wisely every
moment of your existence. Let us engage ourselves in
meritorious deeds without expectation of reward in the form of
name or fame. We can live only in the present moment. The
past is no more. The future is yet to be. Do not waste the
precious moments in trivia.
Practice the Fivefold Path and you become a better member of
your family or community. You will become a more righteous
Christian, Jew, Buddhist, Muslim, Hindu, Zoroastrian, Sikh,
Jain, whatever be your formal religious label. You may be an
atheist or an agnostic, you will benefit by practising the
Fivefold Path. The Fivefold Path sets up life patterns based on
bio-psychological techniques given through Vedic knowledge.
You need not carry the hypothesis of God to practise the
Fivefold Path. You start the practice and knowledge will be
unfolded to you from within. Believe only what you experience.
This is the approach of a true scientist.
All aspects of Fivefold Path will apply to daily life or are
integrated as a whole. Proper practice of these simple
principles in daily life leads to a better understanding of others
as well as ourselves. It enhances our own quest for truth and
brings us closer to the state of Love of which all of us are in
Truth does not come. It is always there. We simply cleanse our
minds and clarify this thinking process which so often inhibits
our growth and development. Now all that is required is that
Love without attachment. If you can be full of love without
making any effort then you are a very special human being.
For those who need to make an effort Fivefold Path is offered
free and for all people. We, all of us, are one. In our own
individual search for Truth, for love, for happiness, let us not
forget we are one.