Calculators to help you meet your financial GOALS

Tech Tools: Calculators to help you meet
October 12, 2013 , By Meera Siva
Investment solutions

Confused over how much to save to build that retirement corpus?

Financial calculators come in handy to quickly evaluate where you
stand and how much you need to put away to meet your goals.
I-CAN Financial Solutions’ portal ( ) offers an
investment advisory platform with calculator tools covering
investment, insurance and loan planning.
Investment solutions, which include a SIP calculator and
retirement planning, can be used to try out what-if analysis on
your goals and mutual fund selections. For example, you can play
with the ‘Future Crorepati’ to figure out what savings rate will
make you a crorepati, and when.
You can use insurance solution calculators to key in various
assumptions on expenses and inflation to arrive at the insurance
cover you need. Loan solutions tools help when you are trying to
calculate the EMI of a loan or deciding whether or not to swap
your loan.

These tools are available for free online, without any registration.
You may also choose to register at the site by providing some
personal information. This lets you access asset allocation and
mutual fund recommendations to meet your goals.